Repair, Service & Preventative Maintenance

North Face Mechanical is a commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning service leader in the Edmonton Alberta region.  We are committed to three key maintenance-personprinciples: personal service, long-term relationships, and up-front pricing.  Our technicians are skilled in the repair and servicing of all brands of heating equipment for your office or business.

Always on-call 24/7 emergency repair service

Scheduled maintenance to ensure efficient performance

Replacement of existing HVAC equipment

Installation of new HVAC equipment for new building projects

Design of HVAC systems

While we can help plan and install HVAC systems for your industrial, commercial or residential properties , providing high quality and efficient maintenance of these systems is nearly as important as their installation.

Because these systems are so critical to your building’s effective operation, and many times may even be mission critical to your businesses ability to function, North Face Mechanical’s systems provides 24/7/365 service to all our clients.

We strive to develop long term relationships with all our clients .  We develop a working knowledge of their physical plant and specific systems before any maintenance is required. In these cases we make periodic recommendations about what systems need to be cleaned, upgraded, completely replaced, or otherwise serviced in an attempt to allow our clients to allot the appropriate middle and long term budgets to this concern. In the case of emergencies, we do pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and pragmatically to any issues that do develop, always focusing on how to rapidly create long term solutions to the problem.

Contact us for more details and recommendations as to how North Face Mechanical can help at 780-962-6200  or use our online form.